Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Few Tweaks in the Kitchen

I can't leave anything alone, and I blame it on my Multiple Personality Decorating Disorder!!   I see something and there I go, off room shopping and tweaking things!!

Even though I love my kitchen more than any other room in my house, I still can't leave it alone!! This all started because I had a few $$ left on some Christmas gift cards, and I knew that I would end up losing my cards before Easter got here (it's a miracle I have hung onto them this long!!).  I still have a good bit left on a Pottery Barn gift card and also a Yankee Candle one!!!  WOOHOO!! 

I dropped in Hobby Lobby Saturday night and looked around because I knew I could knock out one of my cards there.  I just ADORE gift cards, especially the Visa ones you can use shopping!! You cannot beat that with a stick!!!!!

So, of coure, I immediately spied these new cute, cute, cute, fleur de lis signs.   Two of those just jumped right into my cart!! LOL!!  They were about 7 bucks each!!!  LOVE the bling on them!!

Fleur de lis + burlap + French script+ bling = LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!
Look at that photo holder that was fleur de lis and burlap also!! ANOTHER score for about $12!!
I'm using it as a recipe holder!!!

These new purchases inspired me to FINALLY hang up my Bon Appetit picture that had been hiding in my closet for like FOREVER!!  I have always loved this print.  I loved my roosters that were there, but it was time for them to take a break.  I loved them so much, I have waited over a year to put up this picture!! They are on a little roo-cation for now in my closet.  LOL!!
Did you notice the silverware art there on the counter? Got those at the fleamarket for $4 each. Yes, that's right!! I hung them separately.  Didn't like them.  Tried them together in a grouping on the wall, didn't like that either.  So, I thought why not just stack them on an easel, and I LOVE IT!!!  I'm sure they won't stay that way forever, but I like it....for now!! hahaha!

Closer look at my masterpiece stacking!!

For today, I'm loving how the countertops look!!  I really adore that burlap fleur de lis recipe holder.  I need to get a recipe card on there, but I couldn't wait to share it with you.  I think I will get one that my grandma handwrote.  That would be a sweet touch!

This is just a random shot of the mirror in the eating area.  As soon as the calendar turns to March, I plan on breaking out some of my bunnies and eggs.  I can't bring myself to do it just yet with February still on the calendar.  I am READY for spring!!

Enjoyed tweaking the kitchen a little on my gift card budget.  Guess what??? I STILL have $$ left.  LOVE IT!!  I am sure I won't have much trouble spending the rest very soon. 

Have a blessed week!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The True Story of the Three Little Twigs

This all started with three little twigs. I took three little twigs and added them to my foyer arrangement, and that started me on a rampage!!! The result --- I revamped some of the florals in my house over the past few weeks. Three little twigs started this whole mess!!!

I don't know why, but I have gotten to where I like to mix three elements into every arrangement I do.  I like to mix feathers, traditional silk/faux greenery, and then dried elements.  Since Christmas, I have revamped several arrangements around the house, and now I have added two more!!

Here's a closeup of the ones I shared back after the holidays once Santa had left the building!!  NOTICE the three elements in each one....
Did you notice the feathers, greens, and dried elements?

Here's a closeup of the piece on the mantle....Again, feathers, dried and faux greenery all mixed. 
 I love this look!!

For some reason, I think having the three elements makes the arrangements look more customized, and it really helps them fit with my decor better!!  Look at the arrangement by my front door.  I have not shared this before.  I added some more dried elements to it, and also added feathers, of course!!!

A little closer look....

Here's my revamped kitchen arrangement...I love having something tall on the island.  I want it to be dramatic, and this arrangement fits the bill perfectly!!  Again, notice the three elements in the arrangement. I think I'm stuck on creating things with the dried and feather additions!

Here's a larger view....(Ignore the crockpot on the stove!! DINNER!!)

I really like how this arrangement now helps the rooms flow together a little better.  I have been trying to pinpoint what my "style" is, but I swear I have no clue.  Sometimes I think it is Tuscan, sometimes I think it is more eclectic, then I have hints of traditional/Old World and also French. 

 I think I am a gumbo!!!!!! If anyone has any idea what I am, I'd certainly like to hear!! 

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mardi Gras Tablescape

I wanted to do a Mardi Gras tablescape this year, but I wanted to keep it very simple. I didn't want to spend a bunch of money since it is only for my family. So, I set out to create an inexpensive Mardi Gras tablescape that was high on style but low on price!!

I decided I wanted to set the small table up front in my great room, so I wanted the look to be more elegant. I went with a lot of golds with touches of purple and green. I used all of my regular dishes, silverware, placemats (turned over to the gold backside!), votive cups, and Kirkland's napkins (I use these all the time). To the napkins, I added inexpensive masks (I did buy these) in purple and green. These were a dollar each!! So, for four dollars I have "fancy" Mardi Gras themed napkin rings. They have elastic bands on the back. Twist the bands around your napkins, and viola! Cute, cute, cute!!

For the centerpiece, it was SUPER EASY!! I used an old Kirland's tall votive holder. I place a chunk of styrofoam in it and stuck in two small green sparkly picks at the base and fanned them out. (I did buy these at Michael's back at Christmas -- don't remember the cost). I then stuck in a tall Mardi Gras mask that had a stick on it that you hold it with -- $4 at Hobby Lobby. Behind that I stuck ONE purple sparkly thingy (don't know what the technical term is for that!) that was about $2. I also threw in a single peacock feather for fun, plus just because I love feathers and have to keep the theme going! So, for about 7 or 8 dollars, I now have an adorable Mardi Gras centerpiece!!

Here's a closer look at the centerpiece itself......I love how rich and elegant it looks!

I just love, love, love the feathered mask and the peacock feather!!!

 I threw some old beads around the bottom, along with two plastic fleur de lis Christmas ornaments I had, placed three votives on the table, and called it FINITO!!  Bling, bling!!!  I LOVE IT!

 A few daytime shots from different angles.!  I love New Orleans and the mix of styles you find there.  I think my style is very New Orleans, like a gumbo mix of this and that!!!!

Taking a little closer look in the daytime.....

Now, I just need to make some read beans and rice, and we are good to go!! I also made some FUN new arrangements this weekend for the great room and kitchen. I will share those later this week!! My inspiration for the kitchen was a $3 picture I found at Family Dollar. LOL!!

Have a great week everyone!

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