Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Adventures!!

This past fall was the last time I posted on this blog.  My life has been so very crazy over the past year, I cannot even begin to explain.  I have moved once again, hopefully for the last time.  I became single after 25 years of marriage (but keep reading), and I have changed jobs.  On that life stressor chart score thingy, I figure I am scoring off the charts!!!

But....the good news is that what doesn't kill you definitely makes you stronger, I can testify to that one. :)  I am still trying to sing and dance in the rain that falls in my life, and I am learning to live again, really live for the first time.  The past year has offered me many challenges to overcome, but I am overcoming theme one by one with God's help. 

I definitely have a story to share, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what I have experienced will inspire other women out there.  I just have to know when the time is right.  When it is, I know that I will know.  And what I do know is will be inspired.

Until then, I'm moving forward to new adventures!!  I am engaged to a wonderful man who is truly the love of my life.  It's funny how that can happen to you when you are least expecting it to happen.  God somehow seems to know what we need more than we do, and His timing is perfect.  My handsome fellow is a talented carpenter, a true artisan, and we share a love for everything coastal, particularly Gulf Coastal, the place where we live and call home.  If God had made someone especially for me, I promise you that He couldn't have created anyone anymore perfect.

This passion for the Gulf Coast and vintage coastal living that we share has given birth to a wonderful new adventure, and I am delighted to start sharing that with all of you.  I have MISSED blogging so very much.  Sharing my stories and reading all of yours made my days so much brighter, and I felt a huge loss when I just didn't have it in me anymore to keep up my blogging.  It was like that for a time I didn't have it any me to love or enjoy anything about life any longer.  I am so thankful those dark days are over.  Now, I am looking forward to BOTH of us sharing our stories and adventures in a new blog we both are working on together.  Yes, he is going to join me!!  I have shown him this blog and many of yours, and guess what.....he LIKED all of us! :)

Yes, this is the woman talking who always said she didn't need a man to do anything.  Girls, I have revised my opinion on do need a man, as long as it's the right one!  I couldn't create any of the things I will soon be sharing with you without him.  He is truly a treasure, and I am so incredibly thankful for his love and support.  I couldn't have made it through the past few months without him.  I am so blessed.

Our new adventure will be called Tide Life: Southern Coastal Living.  Jenn from Munchkin Land Designs is working on our new blog, and I will post on here when we get it fired up!!  Sooooo excited!!  Many of you will be shocked over my new very different, but one I have loved forever.  Now that I have a fella who is pretty darn good with his hands (keep your mind where it belongs, LOL, I'm talking about his carpentry skills!!), I can dream as big as I want, and he makes it come to life.  Who could ask for more!!!

We are creating custom furniture,even making our own chalk paint (we will be selling that soon),  and traveling the Gulf Coast in search of treasured vintage finds and looking for the world's perfect oyster!!! 

We will be posting more regularly now, so stay tuned to hear more about all our Gulf Coast advenures!!!

Sooooo very, very, very glad to be back!!

Southern Charm