Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Adventures!!

This past fall was the last time I posted on this blog.  My life has been so very crazy over the past year, I cannot even begin to explain.  I have moved once again, hopefully for the last time.  I became single after 25 years of marriage (but keep reading), and I have changed jobs.  On that life stressor chart score thingy, I figure I am scoring off the charts!!!

But....the good news is that what doesn't kill you definitely makes you stronger, I can testify to that one. :)  I am still trying to sing and dance in the rain that falls in my life, and I am learning to live again, really live for the first time.  The past year has offered me many challenges to overcome, but I am overcoming theme one by one with God's help. 

I definitely have a story to share, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what I have experienced will inspire other women out there.  I just have to know when the time is right.  When it is, I know that I will know.  And what I do know is will be inspired.

Until then, I'm moving forward to new adventures!!  I am engaged to a wonderful man who is truly the love of my life.  It's funny how that can happen to you when you are least expecting it to happen.  God somehow seems to know what we need more than we do, and His timing is perfect.  My handsome fellow is a talented carpenter, a true artisan, and we share a love for everything coastal, particularly Gulf Coastal, the place where we live and call home.  If God had made someone especially for me, I promise you that He couldn't have created anyone anymore perfect.

This passion for the Gulf Coast and vintage coastal living that we share has given birth to a wonderful new adventure, and I am delighted to start sharing that with all of you.  I have MISSED blogging so very much.  Sharing my stories and reading all of yours made my days so much brighter, and I felt a huge loss when I just didn't have it in me anymore to keep up my blogging.  It was like that for a time I didn't have it any me to love or enjoy anything about life any longer.  I am so thankful those dark days are over.  Now, I am looking forward to BOTH of us sharing our stories and adventures in a new blog we both are working on together.  Yes, he is going to join me!!  I have shown him this blog and many of yours, and guess what.....he LIKED all of us! :)

Yes, this is the woman talking who always said she didn't need a man to do anything.  Girls, I have revised my opinion on do need a man, as long as it's the right one!  I couldn't create any of the things I will soon be sharing with you without him.  He is truly a treasure, and I am so incredibly thankful for his love and support.  I couldn't have made it through the past few months without him.  I am so blessed.

Our new adventure will be called Tide Life: Southern Coastal Living.  Jenn from Munchkin Land Designs is working on our new blog, and I will post on here when we get it fired up!!  Sooooo excited!!  Many of you will be shocked over my new very different, but one I have loved forever.  Now that I have a fella who is pretty darn good with his hands (keep your mind where it belongs, LOL, I'm talking about his carpentry skills!!), I can dream as big as I want, and he makes it come to life.  Who could ask for more!!!

We are creating custom furniture,even making our own chalk paint (we will be selling that soon),  and traveling the Gulf Coast in search of treasured vintage finds and looking for the world's perfect oyster!!! 

We will be posting more regularly now, so stay tuned to hear more about all our Gulf Coast advenures!!!

Sooooo very, very, very glad to be back!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall Mantle

Hello, friends!  I haven't posted in a long, long time.  I have gone through so many changes in my life in the last year, it is difficult for me to even begin to tell you everything that has gone on in my life and how very different life for me has become in just one year.  I would have to say it has been the most difficult, trying year of my life; but as they say, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, and luckily I'm still hanging in there!

One day I would like to share my story with all of you with the hope that it will help some of you out there who are also dealing with the curve balls life seems to hurl at us when we least expect it.  I feel so led to share what all I have gone through.  I am praying every day for the Lord's wisdom and insight on how best to do that. 

I know I'm a little late sharing fall decor, but I still wanted to share my fall mantle.  I used things I had on hand.  Many of the items came from Kirkland's in years gone by and also Big Lots.  Nothing beats reusing and repurposing things you already have!  Helps keep the light bill paid when you do that! LOL

As you will also see, I am living in a different house, also part of the ongoing saga that is my life.  :)

I'm also starting on another new adventure by accident..... creating gourmet chocolate apples!  I made some for my children for Halloween last week, and I shared some with friends.  Everyone loved them so much, I was asked by several friends to make them and sell them.  And, so begins a new chapter!!  I already have a name for my little endeavor.....My dad always called me Sweet Thing, so I thought it only naturally fitting to name it in his honor.

As for the house, here are a few pics of my fall dining room....

As you can see, this house is a very different style, and it is decorated in a soft palate. 
Here's a closeup of my no-cost fall mantle....

A bread bowl my great grandfather made during World War I.....

 Another view of the fireplace decorated for fall....

My dining table centerpiece...I'm ready for some turkey!

And finally, a picture of my entire great room....

I hope to have some more pictures for you soon.  I am trying hard to getting back to being a little more like my old self, but it is quite a struggle every day.  I stopped doing everything I loved in the past year, and it's difficult.  So, today here goes another baby step with this post.

Even though I'm a little late to the party, Happy Fall, Ya'll!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Daydreaming about Fall

Fall has always been my favorite season.  I actually dream about fall all year long (except at Christmas!).  So, when I saw that the Whisperwood Cottage was hosting a fall scouting party, I knew that I MUST start thinking about fall decorating and digging through my fall decorating photographs from last year.  Like I needed anyone to twist my arm....

I even became so inspired that I have decided to organize an extra room at my house with shelving totally dedicated to housing all of my seasonal decor (i.e. fall decor!) so that I can inventory (enjoy!) it at any time!! 

So, let's get on with this fall daydream!!

I guess the best place to start is at the front porch, and then we'll work our way through the house.  I am so proud of the pumpkin topiaries I made last year for the porch, and I cannot WAIT to put them out again this year!!!  I have them tenderly packed away just waiting for the calendar to turn August.  I'm not going to lie......I have thought about getting them out, but I can't have the neighbors thinking I am anymore nuts than they already do!!  They will need to wait until the end of August.  :(

Here's  a recap of my fall porch decor....I'm not changing a thing this year!! The bows, garlands, flag, and wreath are ready to roll!!!  My mix of traditional fall items with zebra, leopard print, and mesh ribbon are right up my alley.  I mean, really, who can resist zebra print AND a pumpkin???   :)

My favorite things from the porch are the pumpkin topiaries I made last year, my cornstalks, and the leopard print and mesh ribbons I made for the porch.  I love the unexpected touch the leopard print gives to the porch and how it ties the topiaries, wreath, and porch rails together. 

Of course, I couldn't have just plain cornstalks, so I added a couple of leftover acorn picks that match the garland, more mesh ribbon and leopard print bows, of course!!

Besides animal print, I cannot live without my fleur de lis stuff!!  I placed this bench on the front porch, and look how cute this turned out to be with my old leopard print pillows, my pumpkin pillow, and Mr. Pumpkin...
Mums are my favorite fall flowers.  I got these for $5 each at the nursery where I got my cornstalks.  Love the pops of color that only fall mums can give!

I also added a scarecrow, mum, and tiny pumpkin to my adorable zebra print fall flag!!

Here's a closer look at my fall flag.  Of all the flags I own, it is my FAVE!!!
 Now, moving indoors......Fall is always everywhere in my house, and I usually start my fall decorating the first part of August.  The neighbors can't see inside, so I usually start a little earlier in the house.  My family already knows I have serious issues!!!!  ;)

The mantle in the family room is all decked out for fall with my Dollar General pumpkins and my Kirkland's bejeweled pumpkins! I love mixing inexpensive finds with higher quality items.  Everything I do is budget-friendly, so I love a bargain!!!  This mantle will take me all the way from September to Thanksgiving. 

In the kitchen, my favorite kitchen rooster is shaking his tail feathers!!! I made this arrangement two years ago, and I am still loving it.
That is VERY unusual for me!!

I am still in L-O-V-E with my Mercury glass pumpkins from Pottery Barn....LOVING them paired with my silver trays on the wall in the kitchen!!

If you like it then you better put a pumpkin on it!! It seems like that is all I do during the fall...if it doesn't move, I WILL put a pumpkin on it! Even the candlesticks on the sideboard in the kitchen are not safe!!!  Yep, these mini pumpkins are from Dollar General, too.

My kitchen buffet all dressed up for fall!

My fall kitchen tree has become a tradition...LOVE the warm look of it!
Come December, he will be all decked out in gingerbread!!

Here's a closeup.....

And, last but not least, the back porch!!  The porch is right off the kitchen, and I do enjoy setting the stage for fall outdoors as well.  The wrought iron table is from my childhood, and I love to set this table for various holidays and parties throughout the year. 

This is one of my favorite looks set just for our family one fall Sunday afternoon.  My grandmother was a turkey farmer, so the Pottery Barn plates mean a great deal to me as they remind me of my grandmother.

A small outdoor fireplace gets a touch of fall with a wreath and jack-o-lantern!

A final look at the cozy back porch....notice my signature animal print.  Gotta have it!

Hope you enjoyed my mini fall tour,  and I am hoping that maybe it inspired you to start dreaming about fall just like me!!!!  I can't wait!

Linking up to the Whisper Wood Cottage for their Talent Scouting Party!!

Monday, July 2, 2012


Friends, thank you for the sweet emails and comments I have received in my absence for the past few months.  I didn't really know I would be missed, but I do appreciate your kindness!!

Life for me has been crazy, to say the least.  One major thing ---  My 80 year old mother was living with us for quite awhile, and after the holidays she started having some major problems with falling and needing 24 hour a day care. Even though we tried to keep her here with help coming in and out, we just could not meet her needs.  Me quitting my job is certainly not feasible, so we all agreed that assisted living would be best for her. She is loving her new place and enjoys the many activities that the home offers, especially the bingo and three wonderful meals a day!  Needless to say, this was quite the move, and another topsy turvy turnover of my house yet once again.  Her constant care did not allow me time to do any projects, go thrift shopping, or anything outside of work, much less time to do the things I enjoyed such as crafting, decorating or blogging.  Slowly but surely, I am getting back where I need to be.  (Just had a pedicure today for the first time in MONTHS, and I sure forgot how AWESOME that is!!)  I haven't been to Kirkland's or Hobby Lobby since right after Christmas if that tells you how crazy my life has been!!!!

Other than the situation with my mother, I have been very busy at work with multiple graduation activities, closing out the school year, and tons of end of the school year activities.  I even had a week long conference to attend in Orlando. 

Finally in the last three days, I can start to feel myself breathing again!!!

We did have a vacation booked for several months, and I am looking forward to staying in a magnificent log cabin for a week!!!!

I will be sure to take lots of pictures as I know it will be beautifully decorated.  We have been locally to the beach for several years in a row now, and it's funny that the mountain trip actually costs less than the local beach house visits have.  We do the beach thing all the time, so it will be nice to soak up some different scenery!!!

Promise to be back m ore regularly after the vacay!!!!!!!!

 Happy 4th of July!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Tablescape

I can't believe it's almost time for old Peter Cottontail to hop on down the bunny trail!! I remember my grandma singing that song to me all the time as a little girl in the days heading up to Easter. She was BIG on holidays, always making sure everything was just right. I remember her saving green stamps to get 12 place settings of silver and Desert Rose china at the Quick Check when I was a little girl all because she wanted "fancy" china and silverware like the ladies in town had. (I still have her Desert Rose china.) My grandma didn't have much (she was a turkey farmer), but she sure knew how to "put on the dog" as we say here in the South! (For all ya'll that don't know what that means, it means to strut your stuff!!) And she always put on the dog when it came to any and all holidays. I guess the acorn doesn't fall too far from the old oak tree, eh?? She always said that even the most humble abode could look like a mansion with a neatly pressed tablecloth and a fine place setting. 

Last year I got Peter Cottontail (from my FAVORITE store...Kirkland's!).  I love him and decided to use him again this year because he literally looks like he is hopping (wheeling) down the bunny trail in the middle of my table! I'm really into creams and whites again this year for Easter rather than the traditional pastel colors.  I loved my tablescape so much last year, I decided to keep it pretty much exactly the same for this year.  That is VERY unusual for me to keep anything the same, but this is too pretty not to copy again.  The best part is, I bought ABSOLUTELY NOTHING new for this gorgeous table.  That is the VERY BEST PART!!

Egg plates from Pottery Barn last year. Still just as pretty!

 Tulip plants from Michael's last year...painted the terra cotta buckets with a paper towel dipped in white paint.  Still looking just as good this year!

I guess you can see why I didn't see a need to spend any $$ this year and copycat myself for a change.  LOVE IT!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Few Tweaks in the Kitchen

I can't leave anything alone, and I blame it on my Multiple Personality Decorating Disorder!!   I see something and there I go, off room shopping and tweaking things!!

Even though I love my kitchen more than any other room in my house, I still can't leave it alone!! This all started because I had a few $$ left on some Christmas gift cards, and I knew that I would end up losing my cards before Easter got here (it's a miracle I have hung onto them this long!!).  I still have a good bit left on a Pottery Barn gift card and also a Yankee Candle one!!!  WOOHOO!! 

I dropped in Hobby Lobby Saturday night and looked around because I knew I could knock out one of my cards there.  I just ADORE gift cards, especially the Visa ones you can use shopping!! You cannot beat that with a stick!!!!!

So, of coure, I immediately spied these new cute, cute, cute, fleur de lis signs.   Two of those just jumped right into my cart!! LOL!!  They were about 7 bucks each!!!  LOVE the bling on them!!

Fleur de lis + burlap + French script+ bling = LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!
Look at that photo holder that was fleur de lis and burlap also!! ANOTHER score for about $12!!
I'm using it as a recipe holder!!!

These new purchases inspired me to FINALLY hang up my Bon Appetit picture that had been hiding in my closet for like FOREVER!!  I have always loved this print.  I loved my roosters that were there, but it was time for them to take a break.  I loved them so much, I have waited over a year to put up this picture!! They are on a little roo-cation for now in my closet.  LOL!!
Did you notice the silverware art there on the counter? Got those at the fleamarket for $4 each. Yes, that's right!! I hung them separately.  Didn't like them.  Tried them together in a grouping on the wall, didn't like that either.  So, I thought why not just stack them on an easel, and I LOVE IT!!!  I'm sure they won't stay that way forever, but I like it....for now!! hahaha!

Closer look at my masterpiece stacking!!

For today, I'm loving how the countertops look!!  I really adore that burlap fleur de lis recipe holder.  I need to get a recipe card on there, but I couldn't wait to share it with you.  I think I will get one that my grandma handwrote.  That would be a sweet touch!

This is just a random shot of the mirror in the eating area.  As soon as the calendar turns to March, I plan on breaking out some of my bunnies and eggs.  I can't bring myself to do it just yet with February still on the calendar.  I am READY for spring!!

Enjoyed tweaking the kitchen a little on my gift card budget.  Guess what??? I STILL have $$ left.  LOVE IT!!  I am sure I won't have much trouble spending the rest very soon. 

Have a blessed week!!

Southern Charm