Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Heirloom Table Redo

This week, we are featuring the complete renovation of a treasured family heirloom table over on our Tide Life Facebook page. The precious owner needed this table to be a specific size and wanted a more coastal vintage look, complete with a real wood top. A completely new subtop was created in an oval shape (the previous table was rectangular). Our signature Boardwalk wooden top was then added to the subtop, and the base was totally restructured to fit the measurements desired by the owner. The base was then sanded, painted, and lightly distressed, creating a tabletop and base that is sturdy, solid wood, and fabulous!! We love doing custom orders like this that enable families to continue enjoying their treasured family pieces for many years to come!
Please go check out our Facebook page to see our furniture and read about our Gulf Coast adventures!!

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