Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Tablescape

I can't believe it's almost time for old Peter Cottontail to hop on down the bunny trail!! I remember my grandma singing that song to me all the time as a little girl in the days heading up to Easter. She was BIG on holidays, always making sure everything was just right. I remember her saving green stamps to get 12 place settings of silver and Desert Rose china at the Quick Check when I was a little girl all because she wanted "fancy" china and silverware like the ladies in town had. (I still have her Desert Rose china.) My grandma didn't have much (she was a turkey farmer), but she sure knew how to "put on the dog" as we say here in the South! (For all ya'll that don't know what that means, it means to strut your stuff!!) And she always put on the dog when it came to any and all holidays. I guess the acorn doesn't fall too far from the old oak tree, eh?? She always said that even the most humble abode could look like a mansion with a neatly pressed tablecloth and a fine place setting. 

Last year I got Peter Cottontail (from my FAVORITE store...Kirkland's!).  I love him and decided to use him again this year because he literally looks like he is hopping (wheeling) down the bunny trail in the middle of my table! I'm really into creams and whites again this year for Easter rather than the traditional pastel colors.  I loved my tablescape so much last year, I decided to keep it pretty much exactly the same for this year.  That is VERY unusual for me to keep anything the same, but this is too pretty not to copy again.  The best part is, I bought ABSOLUTELY NOTHING new for this gorgeous table.  That is the VERY BEST PART!!

Egg plates from Pottery Barn last year. Still just as pretty!

 Tulip plants from Michael's last year...painted the terra cotta buckets with a paper towel dipped in white paint.  Still looking just as good this year!

I guess you can see why I didn't see a need to spend any $$ this year and copycat myself for a change.  LOVE IT!!!

Southern Charm