Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Warm Fall Welcome

I have openly admitted before that I have serious issues when it comes to decorating.  I cannot leave things alone.  Exhibit A...the front porch.  Yes, I know it looked good the first way I had it...That would have been "good enough" for some people, but "good enough" just won't work for me.

Last week, I added the mesh and the leopard print ribbon + the wreath I made.  That looked great.  BUT...great is not great enough for me!!  I still wanted my cornstalks!!  BUT, alas, to my great one had them for sale.  I know plenty of people who have them in their fields, but they  haven't cut them yet.  So, I kept hoping.  On the way to Lowe's last night, look what I found RIGHT BEFORE the little store closed in five minutes!!  I ran in, got my cornstalks, and drove off into the sunset.  :)

I couldn't wait to put them out, so after I got home and fed everyone and got them all asleep, I played on the porch.  I know people were wondering what on earth I was doing at 11 o'clock at night on the front porch!!  I couldn't wait to get up this morning to see it in the daylight.  LOL!!

Of course, I couldn't have just plain cornstalks, so I added a couple of leftover acorn picks that match the garland, more mesh ribbon and leopard print bows, of course!!

Another thing I added under darkness of night was a fleur de lis bench to the front porch.  I have two of these....thought about adding the other one, too, but I think I will wait until Christmas...
I have an idea brewing!!! 
Look how cute this is with my old leopard print pillows, my pumpkin pillow, and Mr. Pumpkin...

I also added a few mums...the little nursery that had the cornstalks also had mums on sale for $5.  MUCH cheaper than the big stores had them, and they were much prettier!

I also added a scarecrow, mum, and tiny pumpkin to my adorable zebra print fall flag!! 

I really think I am done now...seriously!!  I don't think I have an inch left to do anything else with.  LOL!!!

Less is more, but EVEN MORE IS ALWAYS BETTER!!! 
Happy Sunday!

Linking up to Debbie Doo's Newbie Party, Metamorphosis Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch, to the sweet Miss Linda's Nifty Thrifty Tuesday party over at Coastal Charm, and a great blog I just found...DIY by Design for the Fall into Fall party!!!

OH, and I have decided that IF I get to 200 followers, I am going to host a special GIVEAWAY in celebration of reaching the 200 mark!!!! 
I just need eight more people!!!
(And someone to give me pointers on how to do it!)


  1. Decorating in the dark!! ha-ha A girl has to do what a girl has to do, right? =)

    Everything looks pretty, Farica.
    I like the leopard print mixed in with the fall decor.

  2. Farica, we need to live in the same neighborhood! When I was getting ready for the outdoor reveal this year....I was out on the back porch in the middle of the night, too. I knew my neighbors would never believe what I was doing out at that time of night. Hmm! Maybe they were all sleeping. This is spectacular! Love it...what's next?

  3. I am with ya on the more is better Farica! Welcome to the issues club, this is why I blog LOL. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I was probably sleeping while you were decorating. lol. But I've been know to get up like at 3 am and get started with something. I found you from Debbiedoos newbie link up.

  5. So pretty! Add me to the "MORE IS BETTER CLUB"...ha!! Seriously, isn't more better? I think so! Your porch is perfect now. Guess what? I had a heck of a time locating some cornstalks, so when I went to the store on Saturday I saw a nice grouping of them, and do you know they were not for sale, just for looks to showcase the fall mums and hay bails on display. I had to beg the produce manager to sell two stalks to me, and after a moment of brief hesitation on his part, he decided to let go of two of them to me. HA!! I decorated my porch, too, pictures to come! ;)

    Thanks for sharing, very inspiring! XO ~Liz

  6. It looks so warm and inviting...great curb appeal. My husband and I had worked so hard one year with the cornstalks. We attached them to the trelis in front had it all decorated and a half hour later the squirrels we having a feast and made a huge mess. I too have been working outside.... still tweaking. I love what you've done xoxox

  7. GORGEOUS I love the more is more look as well. All of you girls with all of this fall decor is SO pretty!! I am going to make pumpkin topiaries tonight I went to Michaels earlier and got two of the last big round ones! I almost missed out!!! :) Thanks for the inspiration your porch is absolutely gorgeous~!

  8. Made me smile at your driving off into the sunset remark! So pretty.

  9. TIP: you will get more followers and lots more comments with out word verification. :)

  10. So Fall Perfect!! I love how it looks and your not alone, I've decorated at night around 10 after the kids go to

  11. I love it Farica!!! OK, question.........If I come and pick you up would you do my front porch?LOL
    Seriously, at the rate I am going my fall decorating will never get finished!!!

    Again, love it.
    Have a great week.

  12. Hi Farica!
    I just found your blog on Newbie Monday, glad I did, you have a lovely home. I think your front porch looks so festive and pretty for fall. I just made a wreath too and used the same flowers that are on yours! Your pumpkin topiaries are very nice. Did you use real pumpkins?

    I am a new follower now.
    Have a lovely week!

  13. Hi!
    I came across your blog from Debbie's Newbie party.
    I love your fall decor, it is so warm and welcoming. I love your topiaries. I did a version of my on on my fall porch (which I'm still perfecting)
    I love more more more too! :)

    I'm your newest follower.

  14. Farica your fall porch is beautiful and so welcoming! I love your pumpkin topiaries! Martina

  15. Your fall porch is so colorful and festive!

  16. Beautiful! Love the white stacked pumpkin topiary! Thanx for sharing. Tiffany

  17. Your porch is just beautiful. That wreath on your door...just lovely. And the pillows on your So much to see in this visit..had to look twice. Bobbie

  18. If there is a season where more is better, it is Fall with all of its bounty and harvest. Your porch looks great! I haven't made it outside with the Fall decorating yet. I did post my indoor Fall decor on my blog and linked it to Debbie Doo's Newbie party..that's how I found you. I hope you can come by for a visit sometime.


  19. Farica, so beautiful! I bet neighbors just stop and stare for hours at your beautiful porch! Love it!

  20. Farica, your home is so pretty. Congratulations on having almost two hundred followers! You have risen quickly in the blogging world! Hats off to you :) Love, love all your Fall decor.


  21. Just gorgeous!! You can come decorate my front porch for me anytime!! Over from Judy's Fall into Fall party & now a follower! Would love for you to come by for a visit & follow back! Have a great day!!

  22. Great job! I agree more is better! LOL at decorating so late! Sounds like fun! I like to do things when no one is bothering me! Sometimes that is way after bedtime! Love the Fleur-de-lis bench!

  23. Hi Farica! Your fall entry looks great!! The bench looks so pretty with your pillows and pumpkin. So glad you were able to get your corntalks!!! You made a very welcoming entry!

  24. I laughed out loud when I read the time of night you were decorating! You have to do what you have to do! LOL! The lighting (for pictures) is best on my porch very early in the morning. So I have been known to be caught in my PJ's, at the crack of dawn, taking pictures. And I live on one the main roads through town! LOL! But enough about me...Your porch looks great! Love that you incorporated the leopard print in with your decor! :)

  25. I don't know how I missed this post, but I just love your outdoor decor!! I bet your Christmas decor will be just gorgeous too!

    Happy Fall!



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