Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mardi Gras Tablescape

I wanted to do a Mardi Gras tablescape this year, but I wanted to keep it very simple. I didn't want to spend a bunch of money since it is only for my family. So, I set out to create an inexpensive Mardi Gras tablescape that was high on style but low on price!!

I decided I wanted to set the small table up front in my great room, so I wanted the look to be more elegant. I went with a lot of golds with touches of purple and green. I used all of my regular dishes, silverware, placemats (turned over to the gold backside!), votive cups, and Kirkland's napkins (I use these all the time). To the napkins, I added inexpensive masks (I did buy these) in purple and green. These were a dollar each!! So, for four dollars I have "fancy" Mardi Gras themed napkin rings. They have elastic bands on the back. Twist the bands around your napkins, and viola! Cute, cute, cute!!

For the centerpiece, it was SUPER EASY!! I used an old Kirland's tall votive holder. I place a chunk of styrofoam in it and stuck in two small green sparkly picks at the base and fanned them out. (I did buy these at Michael's back at Christmas -- don't remember the cost). I then stuck in a tall Mardi Gras mask that had a stick on it that you hold it with -- $4 at Hobby Lobby. Behind that I stuck ONE purple sparkly thingy (don't know what the technical term is for that!) that was about $2. I also threw in a single peacock feather for fun, plus just because I love feathers and have to keep the theme going! So, for about 7 or 8 dollars, I now have an adorable Mardi Gras centerpiece!!

Here's a closer look at the centerpiece itself......I love how rich and elegant it looks!

I just love, love, love the feathered mask and the peacock feather!!!

 I threw some old beads around the bottom, along with two plastic fleur de lis Christmas ornaments I had, placed three votives on the table, and called it FINITO!!  Bling, bling!!!  I LOVE IT!

 A few daytime shots from different angles.!  I love New Orleans and the mix of styles you find there.  I think my style is very New Orleans, like a gumbo mix of this and that!!!!

Taking a little closer look in the daytime.....

Now, I just need to make some read beans and rice, and we are good to go!! I also made some FUN new arrangements this weekend for the great room and kitchen. I will share those later this week!! My inspiration for the kitchen was a $3 picture I found at Family Dollar. LOL!!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Love the colors, Look great.
    Thanks for posting I am your newest follower.

  2. From one southern gal to another! Happy Mardi Gras! Party on and great tablescape! Tiff

  3. Love your table, very festive and the colors are fabulous! xo ~Liz

  4. Love it!!! Wait until you see my Mardi Gras themed Super Bowl Party table and decor tomorrow!!

  5. Looks great and the feathers are perfect.

  6. Farica, I'm a Louisiana girl; and I love this tablescape! All of my Mardi Gras decor is packed away in totes in the garage. I may just have to dig it out! This is so inspiring!

  7. I was just planning my Mardi Gras table for next week! Had to get finished with Valentines Day first!
    You centerpiece is wonderful, lots of drama! Great job.
    Here from Tabletop Tuesday.

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    1. Wow, what a fabulous centerpiece design. Thanks for sharing
      Etched Glass

  9. Love, love, love...... I hope you don't mind but I am going to do my darnedest to copy your centerpiece. I love it !!!

    Candy -


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