Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Making Memories

One of my favorite traditions at the holidays is to make cookies with my children.  I have to tell you that most of the time, these are just the Pillsburry Ready-to-Bake predecorated cookies (you know...the kind with the reindeer, Christmas tree, or Frosty on them!). 

So, I'm not Martha Stewart.....sue me!!  I have a high-stress, demanding job that keeps me busy from early in the morning until late at night , have five kids, have my 80 year old mother living with me, so guess what??? These people are LUCKY they get cookies!! LOL

We do make the "real ones" (don't get your tinsel in a tangle just yet!).  The kids just have to wait until school gets out for us to have any time to do that.  We always make them on Christmas Eve day for Santa, and those are the real deal.  We have to serve Santa only the best!

This is a tradition I started when my oldes two boys were just a couple of years old.  Every year we get a new cookie plate that we display in the kitchen and in our glass cabinet by the tree.  I'll be sharing pictures of my collection in the coming weeks.  My cookie plates are some of my most treasured possessions.

One night we always have cookies is the night Rudolph is shown on tv every year. This has been a long- standing tradition in our family to make cookies and enjoy hot chocolate in our Christmas cups during the movie.  What's more perfect for Rudolph night than the premade reindeer cookies?  The thing I love about these is that my kids can do all of the prep work themselves!

They always have the best time arranging their cookies!

We have also been using the same tray and mugs pictured here for about 15 years now!  I can't believe time has gone by like it has.  I guess I am getting old!
They made their own hot chocolate with our Keurig coffeemaker!! They ADORE that thing!  I think we have gone through two boxes of the hot chocolate cups since last week.  I know they used one box last weekend!
They love to add whipped cream to their hot chocolate.  I must admit, I like it myself!!
This was a new addition this year, our S'mores maker.  We got it at Sam's.  Less than $20, and oh the fun we have had with it!
Pretty cute, huh?  Sooooo easy to use!  Just be careful not to catch your marshmallows on fire!
As they say in one of my favorite movies, "Grownups", we all got a little chocolate wasted that night!  LOL

I love, love, love this time of year and getting to make special memories with my children.  Can't WAIT for the holiday break...I'm counting down the minutes!!!  (The principal probably shouldn't be saying, that, though!!)  hahaha

It's supposed to be really cold here this week.  I don't think we have been out of the upper 40s here today.  For us, that is pretty chilly!  Stay warm!!


  1. So cute!! Your children will definitely cherish all of those memories! After I saw your collection of cookies for santa plates I wanna start collecting them myself! :)

  2. How sweet. Making memories with our children is the very best part of the season.
    Your children are so precious! Thanks for sharing your tradition.

  3. Beautiful children! Farica, what memories that will last a life time! I love your Santa cookie plates....

  4. Great to watch it on TV, instead of buying the CD. We used to always circle every Christmas show on the TV schedule to make sure we didn't miss one. Probably a great way to get my Mom's five kids to sit and do nothing for once too.

  5. What a great post. Your children are absolutely precious, thanks for sharing with us. Making memories and partaking in those traditions every year is something the kids will never forget. You are such a good mommy. xo ~Liz

  6. What sweet pictures! Love this time of the year - I find it a bit stressful some times with trying to juggle work and everything else as you were mentioning but you nailed it! It's so important to stop and make memories - Great post!

  7. How adorable and fun they look! Love the smiles!

  8. What Fun! I'd like to be a kid in your house, looks like a blast. It's so nice to share these traditions with your family...memories are so important. This time of year is definitely beautiful but, also a time of high stress. We all have this idea that everything has to be picture perfect. You always do a great job, so just enjoy and make some time to take it all in ! xoxo

  9. Farica, what wonderful memories to make with the children! It's so much a part of the magic of the season! You have started such wonderful traditions that they will carry with them forever...even when they have their own children! This was such a sweet post!


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