Tuesday, December 6, 2011

While Visions of Pink Sock Monkeys Danced in Their Heads.....

I have been soooo busy these past couple of weeks with work, and I apologize for slacking in my blogging!!  I somehow managed to get all of my house decorated, all except for the back porch.  We have had rain, so I have held off a little! 

I have lots to share, but I won't overwhelm everyone!!  I'll start by sharing my daughter's room....LOVE IT!!   know a lot of you know that I have five children, but I'm not sure how many of you realize that out of those five children, I only have ONE girl. Yes, I have four sons, and they are all older than my daughter. She has a twin brother. They were my little "suprise" package a few years ago. All of my other children were in HS, MS, and elementary when they were born. Yeah, that was a shock! So, needless to say, I have always dreamed of decorating a pink tree!!

My daughter spied this prelit pink tree in Kohl's the other day the week of Thanksgiving. It was the display and on big time sale - less than $20!!! It did not come with the ornaments, obviously. BUT...we did buy a couple of sock monkeys there at Kohl's to go on the tree. The rest of the ornmanets came from WalMart.....have you seen the decorations they have for 95 cents???

We got a box of multicolored ornaments for 97 cents!!! See the bright blue lightbulbs and the purple curly q's? 95 cents at WalMart!! Love how her tree turned out....

We also hung two snowflake ornaments and a snowman ornament (all from WalMart - a dollar and change) in her window. We decorated it earlier yesterday, and she hasn't unplugged her tree since. It's been fun getting to do a pink tree for once! I think we spent about $40 total tree and all.

This is one of my favorite trees I have put up this year.  (I think I may have said that about all of them, though!!)

Can't wait to share more of the house, but I don't want to overwhelm everyone.  There is quite a bit to show you!!! 


  1. I always wanted a girl to decorate for-this is so cute. And sock monkeys are something I still love!

  2. I love the Walmart ornmanents. I have a couple on my mantel. Great job on the room.

  3. Adorable! I love it!! It goes so great in her room. Cannot wait to see the rest of your house!!

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  5. Farica, found you on MyKirklands. You SO inspire me! I love your sense of style and home. Your daughter's room is wonderful - can't wait for my little munchin' (4 yrs) to see it; I love that she loves decorating and I am sure she is going to ask me for a pink tree, lol! (she has two older brothers in MS and ES, so I know where you are coming from!) Thanks for sharing.


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