Sunday, May 1, 2011

Precious Memories

Life is filled with precious memories that are like snapshots in our minds.  Some are big events, others are those unplanned things that just somehow unexpectedly stick in our memory like velcro.  Growing up, I always measured my life by the "big events".  I remember thinking when I graduated from high school that the next big event I would have would be my wedding.  I remember when I had my first son one of the first thoughts I had the next day was would I have more children and experience this same joy and happiness ever again? 

One of my first " big events" with my husband was our Senior Prom.  Don't laugh, but you know you had hair like this if you were around in the 80s... Hair like that took skill!!!

You gotta love that Aqua Net!!!  Now, let's fast forward 24 years...  My son and his girlfriend, Prom 2011...
Love, love, love her dress!  It's a Tony Bowls high-low dress.  If you notice, the dress has two long layers of different material with a shorter skirt underneath.  GORGEOUS!! 

Love this closeup photo of them...
My parents with the happy couple.... We were so glad they could be with us.  My dad has terminal cancer and has been given only a few months to live.  We are thankful for every big event he gets to share with us.
I especially wanted to show you a closeup of her corsage.  Here's a tip for those of you in the market for prom flowers.  To get a unique, one-of-a-kind corsage that no one else will have, ask the seamstress for any/all scrap fabric and/or beading from the gown.  Take that to the florist.  When they go to create the corsage, the florist can then work some of these pieces into the corsage.  This dress would not have been easy to match.  However, look at what the florist was able to come up with for them using the leftover scraps of material and beading...
It was a wonderful evening!  It's so fulfilling to see my "baby" boy grow into such a handsome, amazing young man.  WOW, do I feel old tonight!!

See you tomorrow with some ideas for easy ways to spruce up your outdoor spaces!


  1. What a handsome son ... truly a bittersweet moment, I'm sure. I hope that they had a wonderful time. And, look at you ... hot mama! Big fan of big hair ... Aqua Net was my fave, too (in the purple can). I can't tell you how many bottles I'd go through weekly. LOL Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

  2. Gorgeous! Her dress is totally unique. Love your old prom photo! What a hoot.

  3. Loved seeing your son for prom. What a cute couple and they look amazing. Love her dress!

    Especially loved seeing your prom picture. I used to use this stuff from Sally's that was called "freeze" spray. You'd better have your hair how you want it, because it wasn't going to move after you sprayed. What fun thinking about those days!

  4. Farica, your son looks just like your husband! And what wonderful couples you all are :) How wonderful that your Dad was there to share in it all. I hope they had a great time.

  5. Farica, what wonderful photos. Your son and his date are so cute. I hope they had a great time. How special that your parents got to share in the fun, too. Your son looks like your husband in that prom photo of the two of you!
    Love the hair. I had the big hair, too. Yes, we couldn't be caught without Aqua Net!! ha!
    Fun post, cute pics.

    have a wonderful day~ LC

  6. They look wonderful!!! I'm just in love with her dress!

  7. Ah yes we all had that big hair didn't we. That to me seems like a million years ago. Your son is such a handsome young man and his girlfriend is stunning. Enjoy everyday with your Dad. I lost my Dad to esophageal cancer almost 8 years ago. I would do anything to have him back. Make the most of everyday :)

  8. Farica, what a handsome son and cute couple. Love all the photos and the one of you and your hubby, too! I loved the big hair of the 80's....classic! I have always had straight hair, but I had the 80's bang wave going! Thanks for sharing! XOXO ~Liz


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