Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nobody Better Lay a Finger on My Butterfinger...Cake, That Is!

My grandmother always said after a meal that she wanted "just a taste" of something sweet.  Well, I promise you that can't take "just a taste" of this yummy-in-your-tummy Butterfinger Cake!!!  It's super simple to make and delicious!  You can actually make this cake with other candybars, such as Heath Bars or Snickers Bars.  I just used Butterfinger bars because my son loves them.

Butterfinger Cake
1 pkg. chocolate cake mix (I used Devil's Food)
3 Butterfinger bars
1 can sweetened condensed milk
container of chocolate syrup for drizzling
container of caramel ice cream syrup for drizzling
1 large container of Cool Whip

Prepare chocolate cake mix according to directions on the box. Pour into 13x9 pan and bake according to directions on box.  While cake is still warm, poke holes in cake and pour one can of sweetened condensed milk over the top of cake, making sure the condensed milk sinks into some of the holes in the cake.  Next, drizzle a little chocolate syrup and a little caramel syrup over the cake while still warm.  Crush one Butterfinger bar and sprinkle over cake.  (To make candybars easier to crush, store them in the freezer.) Allow cake to cool.  Once cake has cooled, spread Cool Whip over the top of the cake.  Drizzle chocolate syrup and caramel syrup over the top of the cake.  Break up the remaining Butterfinger bars and sprinkle over the top of the cake.  Drizzle a little more chocolate and caramel syrup over the top of the crushed candybars.  Refrigerate until serving.  Best served cold.

Not the most beautiful cake in the world, but it is divine!  Here's a closeup of a yummy hunk of cake...
Bet you can't eat just one bite!!


  1. YUM!!! That looks absolutely delicious!

  2. Looks yummy and nice to celebrate royal wedding with a great dessert! Thanks,Emelia.

  3. I have made this before and you are soooo right. Just a little taste is not enough. It is sooooo good!!

  4. OMGG.. this looks amazing I will have to try it. YUMM thank you for the post!

  5. Try it with Heath Bar toffee bits sometime! You can purchase them in the baking aisle right next to chocolate chips. I've made this many, many times and everyone always loves it and there's never any leftovers.


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