Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Soft Place to Land

I know I'm not the only momma out there who can relate to what I am about to tell you...We are all soooo guilty!! So, I'm just going to come out of the linen closet and say it...For years, my bedroom has been the worst looking room in the house! It has been the catch-all, stuff-it here, close-the-door-on-it room. As particular as I am about things, I let "my space" go ,and it somehow gradually become a place I hated to be in.

A few weeks ago, I decided that it was long past time for me to create a bedroom where I felt comfortable and relaxed...a place where I WANTED to be rather than a place to just go in and fall out every night. My job is incredibly stressful, and I both wanted and needed a soft place to land, a place where I could escape for just a few minutes of peace and quiet.  A place where I could watch all my favorite thought-provoking shows that my "father" doesn't approve of such as The Real Housewives of Orange County, Bethenny Ever After, Lifetime movie marathons, Dateline.  (Yes, this is the part where you should CRINGE! I do have a TV in my bedroom, a real, live tv that isn't covered up in a cabinet!!!  Heaven forbid that I actually ENJOY my bedroom!!!!!)  Give me a break...there are FIVE kids in this house. I deserve a tv in my room!!!

I have always loved white bedding, and I knew that I wanted to paint my room Sherwin Williams Quiver Tan. I also knew that I was happy with the black furniture I had recently purchased, along with my Memory Foam matress set. Other than that, it was a clean slate.

I am so pleased with the results, and I know enjoy spending time in my room. And best of all, I no longer close the door to my bedroom when guests come over! I love, love, love the way it turned out. It's just what I wanted!  I didn't spend a fortune, most of what you see is repurposed from other rooms in the house or purchased at the antique store.  That's the best makeover of all, one that doesn't break the bank!

This is really how it grandma always had white chenille bedspreads on her beds during the spring and summer months. I got a catalog for Linen Source in the mail one day, and I was flipping through it when I came upon this bedding set.  I knew right then I had to have it.  It reminded me of happy summer days spent at her house soaking in an old white clawfooted tub filled with Calgon! It was just one of those things I knew I couldn't live without.
A few days later, I spied this chair in the antique store. I knew it was meant to be!! The chair and white chenille cover were marked at $85. I offered the lady $50, and she took my offer!! I definitely knew it was meant to be at that point!
At the same antique store, I found this adorable mirrored container. I knew I wanted it on my dresser. I also found the empty frame that I couldn't live without. $15 grand total price for both items! DOUBLE SCORE!!! WOO HOO!! Still want to tweak the dresser some, but it works for now...
Another score that same day...this gorgeous silver ice bucket. It's the perfect plant holder for my ivy plant. Another one of my favorite things..ivy plants, I have them all over my house. (It's the only thing I seem to be able to keep alive!!). Love how this grouping looks. I adore my Mercury glass lamps from Kirkland's, too!
And the other side of the bed...These were my grandmother's books. The book on the bottom was her 8th grade English book, copyrighted in 1919. I love reading it as it still shares a unique insight into education that we might need to reconsider today.
One day I will show you the "before" of this room. The walls were very dark, and I just felt so closed-in. I love the whiter, brighter look of this space now, and I don't dread going into my bedroom. All moms deserve a soft place to land at the end of a long day, and I'm glad I finally came to my senses and realized that! I love the way it turned out. I simply couldn't be happier with the results!

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  1. Farica, I love your bedroom! It is just simply gorgeous! I am loving the neutral colors and chenille bedding and chair. Great job!! I have seen the before of your room and that was gorgeous too!! :)

  2. Your master bedroom is gorgeous. It looks so comfortable and peaceful. A great place to watch your OC-HW and BEA! oops, I meant the History Channel! ha-ha =o)
    I love the lamp sitting on your dresser. It is Beautiful.

    have a happy day~ L

  3. I must admit that those very same shows are my guilty pleasure as well. Your bedroom looks beautiful and very serene. Not to mention all those nice bargains yo got look so lovely!

  4. Thanks, everyone! I'm glad you all like my bedroom. I have to admit, I always wait until late at night on Sunday night to fold clothes. I pile them on my bed and sit there and fold everything very sloooow-ly (hahaha!)while I watch my shows. I guess I'm just fascinated that people actually live like that!! Not to mention the fact, I really enjoy seeing their houses!! Yes, I "pretend" to be watching the History Channel or Discovery. LOL!! Ya'll know my secrets!!!

  5. Hey, Farica! Love your bedroom but loved it before too! My mom always had chenille bedspreads so I totally understand them being a creature comfort. As for the shows...we all need them to have an escape from reality. They're great entertainment. I love Celebrity Apprentice myself so that is my Sunday night thing!

    P.S. Just love all the silver accessories!!!

  6. Your room is gorgeous!!!! I've had my eye on those same lamps! your floors are just gorgeous too!

  7. Your bedroom is beautiful!! Love the wall color! Stopping by from Debbiedoos!

  8. Beautiful! It looks like a great place to escape...and yes we have a tv on top of our fireplace in our bedroom!

  9. Your bedroom is absolutely beautiful, Farica! The chair ... mirrored box ... mercury lamps ... silver used as a planter ... ALL of it is gorgeous and works so well together! (And, what "scores" on a few of those items, as well.) You truly did create a lovely retreat! Look forward to seeing more. *Becca*

  10. Such a gorgeous room. I love everything about it!

  11. Oh and I'm also your newest follower. Great blog! Stop by for a visit sometime.

  12. WOW!! Beautiful and peaceful! Great job. I love everything about it!

    I'm visiting from Wow us Wednesdays and am looking forward to following you.

    Have a great day.

  13. The room turned out the black bed and my granother always had beautiful white chenile bedspreads on her feather beds...hope you have a great week...Picket

  14. Hi Farica, Your bedroom turned out beautiful! My grandmother always had chenile bedspreads in her home and I still love the look. That is a great chair.

  15. Farica, thanks for dropping by and for the lovely comments. I love your bedroom, so nice and cozy, peaceful and relaxing! I need to redecorate mine, I want to change the floors to wood instead of wall to wall carpeting.

  16. I love your bedroom-and that chenille bedspread is too die for! I read all of your posts and am now following.

  17. Those chenille bedspreads really bring back wonderful memories don't they? Your room looks gorgeous...great job on all of it! I'm a candleholic glad to meet another. :-)



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