Thursday, April 7, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

Hello, Everyone!

I wanted to say thank you so  much to all of you that have left me such sweet comments about my new endeavors into blogging!!  I am TICKLED PINK to have received messages from so many of you that I consider to be the "goddesses" of the blogging world!  I am sooooo not worthy of your kind words!! 

I thought it  might be fun to share with you some of my favorite things so you could get to know me a little better.  Some of these are just everyday things and others are things that are very special to me.  So, without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things!

I'm a SUCKER for a Yankee Candle.  The minute I walk through the door, I am lighting my candles all over the house.  I'm weird, though!  I match my scents to my rooms and their decor as well as the seasons.  Right now, I'm only burning two scents in my home.  I am addicted to  very fond of these two scents...
The Fluffy Towels scent is  my ultra fave!!  It smells just like freshly laundered white towels.  I am addicted to this candle and the room spray!!!  I simply adore the clean, fresh scent!

My other favorite Yankee scent is Sun & Sand.  I like this fragrance in my bedroom and bathroom.  This scent reminds me so much of the beach!!  It's the perfect fragrance for the warmer months. 

I'm also IN L-O-V-E with Mercury glass.  Here are two of my Mercury glass lamps...

I also am addicted to anything with a fleur de lis on it!  Here's just one of the gazillion several fleur de lis items in my house.  This one is above our kitchen sink.  Oh, I'm also addicted to anything that is Oil Rubbed Bronze as you can see by the faucet!

Two of my very favorite things to decorate with are silver and seashells.  I have silver pieces and seashells all over my house.  The only times of year I don't display seashells are in the fall and winter.  After Christmas is over, I bring them all back out.  Our family loves the beach, and our shells hold many special memories for us of times spent together.  Here are a few snaps of some of my seashells and a few silver pieces...

I love, love, love anything white, especially linens..
And, last, but certainly not least....five of my favorite children!  They drive me crazy most of the time, but my life would not have been the same without them.  They make every day worth living!!
Definitely the most adorable flower girl and ring bearer ever!!

Thanks so much for visiting!


  1. I will have to check out those candles :) All of your seashells are so pretty! And girl you know I love anything fleur de lis :) Have that same iron piece.

  2. Thanks, Allyson! I have five of those iron pieces (the exact same one!) all over the house. I just love that one in particular for some reason!!! It's that whole OCD thing!!!!! Yankee Candle is having a great sale right now (I think it's buy two get one free for any size). I just stock up and keep them in the cabinet. Then I don't feel bad about burning them every night and all weekend long!! I also love the Soft Blanket scent. Smells sooo good!

  3. I will have to check it out! I should see if they have any tarts on sale. I love that new warmer I got.

  4. FYI -- the tarts and votives were on sale two weeks ago for a DOLLAR each!! I loaded up, girl!! I have like twenty votives in the cabinet!! LOL! Can we spell c-r-a-z-y? HA! The color is a Ralph Lauren Regent Metallic paint...It's called Golden Light. I also love the Golden Candlesticks color. My kitchen was painted a beige color, then sage green, now this. I love this and won't be changing it anytime soon. It goes great with my wallborder, which is black and gold with sage leaves. I know wallborder is kinda old fashioned, but I love this pattern. It, along with the paint, really dressed up my kitchen.

  5. Dang it!! LOL I will have to keep a watch out. I really like that paint! I am looking for something to do in our small guest bathroom at the new house this would be perfect! I've seen people say its discontinued is it?

  6. Hi Farica,
    So interesting, just yesterday morning I posted on my blog on how much I love scents and am trying to get opinions on ladies favs. I've seen the fluffy towel but have not tried it I am now convinced. Thanks for sharing - awesome job on the blog. I'm def inspired!

  7. Darling children Farica and beautiful favorites as well. It's nice to get to know you better.

    Have a fabulous weekend!
    ~Melissa :)

  8. Hi Farica,
    I love Oil Rubbed Bronze decor, too. Recently changed all of our door and cabinet knobs, and downstairs faucets to ORB finish. Love the look.
    A Yankee Candle store opened in our mall before Christmas. I'll have to see what they have new for spring. I bought some linen scented wax cubes for my warmer from WM!
    Your children are beautiful.
    Thanks, for sharing some of your favorite things with us.

    have a happy Friday~ L

  9. Your children are precious. & I love candles as well. I finally got around to getting a few battery operated candles with the vanilla scent & I can't believe how nice they look in my sconces. My four year old even told me that they're beautiful. lol

  10. You have a beautiful family. I love candles also Slatkin candles seem to be my favorite these days. I also use alot of the home sprays from yankee candle, just a quick spritz to fit any mood!


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