Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bargain Shopping

I found a lot of good deals today!  I like to call it the "$7.99 deal day".  It seemed like everywhere I went, everything was $7.99!  I went to Ross, Pottery Barn (where I really did find some good bargains in the closeout section), and Michael's.  I am ever the bargain shopper...Look at what I scored today!

Mr. White Chippy Bird...$7.99 @ Ross!
ADORABLE white plates (reminded me of Willow House products) @  Ross for $7.99!
I could NOT leave this behind....Hanging fleur de lis @ Ross...$7.99 again.  I should buy a lottery ticket with 7-9-9!!!
This was from Family Dollar.  I needed Clorox wipes and Febreeze.  I am addicted to both....I should buy stock.  I passed by these and could not resist them..  $2.00 each!!!!  Don't know where I'm going to use them yet.  Wouldn't they make really cute placecard holders on the table?  I have some other ideas, too, but I'm not telling them just yet!!
This is just a glimpse of something I'm working on.  I bought these today, too, but I'm not sharing just yet.  Am I the only crazy one who has fall on the brain??  It's still way, way, way hot outside but it is fall in my heart!!

I also got some cute mercury glass votives at Pottery Barn for $3.00 and also a couple of mercury glass lanterns for $6.99.  I'll share those later with my fall decor. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Farica, I'm loving all of it! I can hardly wait until the reveal of Fall!


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