Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ye Without Decorating Sin, Cast the First Pumpkin...

Ye without decorating sin, cast the first pumpkin if you dare.  I have started decorating for fall!!!   I couldn't stand it any longer.  I broke down.  I did it.  Call me crazy, but I could not stop myself.  I love, love, love fall.  It is my favorite season to decorate for.  This all happened because I bought the Mercury glass gourd from Pottery Barn and also two small MG pumpkins.  They kept calling my name from the box.  It just didn't seem right to leave them in there!!!!  So here's where they live now....

They are so much happier after being freed from that prison of a box!!  I'm in love with how it turned out.  I have to confess....I have done more than just the sideboard.  Am I the only one who has issues????  Yes, I have decorated more in the kitchen.  And, yes, other places, too....BUT, I won't share them just yet for fear that some of you are going to call the little men in white coats with nets!! LOL!!

One last pic of a little vignette in the kitchen...Love the fall colors...

More, much, much more, to come later!!!

Happy Day-Before-Friday!!

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  1. Love what you have done!

    I have not started yet. BUT seeing what you have done, I really do not know how much longer I can hold out!

    Don't worry I won't call the men in white jackets on you!

  2. I am in agreement with Tina! Makes me want to start but must wait just a little bit longer!

  3. I love Fall too!! I can't wait for the cooler temps! I'm not quite there yet with the decorating though. Looks FAB!

  4. I love fall as well. I haven't gotten any of the fall decor boxes out just yet! Your mercury glass pumpkins are pretty. Enjoy~

  5. Love your title. Your new ghord is great!

  6. I'm in love!! I love everything you have done. Guess what? Call me your crazy twin, but I decorated for fall yesterday! Amazing display! Thanks for sharing! XOXO ~Liz

  7. Love the fall decor. Just not quite ready for it here yet. Looks great !

  8. What beautiful Fall vignettes!! You have me so anxious now to start my Fall decorating!!



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