Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mercury Glass Lamps

I got these gorgeous Mercury glass lamps at Kirkland's quite awhile back, but I just have not had the opportunity to put thm out.  They have been sitting in the corner in my bedroom.  I also have had this bedding awhile (still in the box), and again, not one bit of time to play!!  Last night I just couldn't stand it any longer!!  I needed decorating therapy!!!!!!!!
I had wanted the Pottery Barn Mercury glass lamps forever, but they were over $200!!!  NO WAY am I spending that much on a lamp!!!  When Kirkland's came out with these for $50 (not to mention the AWESOME coupon they give every week..), I was DE-LIGHTED!!!!
I really like this bedding for fall.  I know it's not fall yet, but I was ready to put out some color in the room.  I still love, love, love my white chenille bedding.  I've just put it away until spring.  I do miss it!!
I have thought about stenciling these shades or adding some type of graphic....hmmm...probably a project for another weekend, but not this one!!!  Love how they look at night!

Well, I'm off to clean the rest of the house I demolished while working on the bedroom.  (Is that like a law of decorating or something??) 



  1. Farica, it looks like a magazine cover. I love all the things you have changed. I finally got my mercury glass lamps out of the floor in the family room and onto the tables! TJMaxx has a nice collection, too.

  2. Love your new lamps. What a fabulous find and the bedding is gorgeous. Beautiful room and yes, I am so ready for fall. Hugs, Marty

  3. Beautiful lamps, Farica.

  4. Can I come visit your house? :) I am getting so many wonderful ideas from you. Your lamps are gorgeous and I love the bedding! Your not alone, sister, I have already begun to transform my house for fall, I can't help it! ;) XOXO ~Liz

  5. Looks so beautiful! I love the new bedding. I have been wanting to get some new bedding for our room. Thanks for the great ideas!

  6. Gorgeous lamps, Farica! And, the bedding is beautiful, too! Your master retreat looks so, so inviting! Decorating therapy is the best medicine, isn't it?

  7. Pretty bed and bedroom. Love black furniture even though I don't have any. Hmmmm, may need to paint something. Thanks so much for your very sweet comment on my hutch.


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