Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's your What?

I've been thinking a lot lately about "what" would I do with my house in the next ten years.  I have always had a "what" list as long as I have lived on my own which has been since I was 18.  The "what" list has sure changed over the years as my taste and income have both changed. 

I remember at 18 my "what" was a pair of those double ruffle country curtains for my very first dining room.  I REALLY wanted those soooooo bad!!!  I put them on layaway at a department store called Gayfers.  Anybody remember Gayfers???  I loved that store.  They were EXPENSIVE curtains, I do remember that.  I saved and saved for those things and was so very proud to hang them in my front window and tie those big bow tiebacks very high and fan out those curtains.  I also remember my mother-in-law telling my husband that his wife had spent all his money on some 'high dollar' curtains.  I rememeber him telling her that his wife worked and had saved her money to buy those 'high dollar' curtains.  I don't have the curtains aymore, but I do still have the mother-in-law, and let's just say that some things (unlike big bowtie country curtains) don't change.  LOL!!!

So, in thinking about my "what" list, I have two biggies that are goals in the next ten years.  Don't know if these will really come to pass because they are a lot more pricey than my country curtains, and they don't put these on layaway!! But...a girl can dream, can't she?

First off, my biggest "what" on the dream list is an outdoor fireplace.  I have been in love with these as long as I can remember.  Believe this or not, but my parents had a small brick outdoor fireplace when I was little.  It was much smaller than those today, and it was under our patio.  I thought it was so stupid back then and hated when it was time for us to clean that thing.  BUT...I would sure love to have it now.  These are my dream photos of outdoor fireplaces that I look at and DROOL over.

This one is from Southern Living, and I adore it.

Pottery Barn, of course, is my FAVORITE!!!
My other "what" is a media room.  I want, want, want a media room!!  BUT..I have nowhere to put one.  LOL!  My favorite thing to do when I'm not working is to relax and watch a movie.  I LOVE big screen tvs, and I love popcorn.  It is difficult for me to go to an acutal movie theater.  I know so many people, and people do not leave me alone when I go.  My  husband gets VERY aggravated with this, and he'd rather just not be bothered with me being stopped fifty times.  So, we don't go to movies unless we go out of town.  I did get to see Transformer 3 recently, but we had to be fifty miles from home.  I NEED my own media room, right?  Drool over these with me!!!
Here's a garage turned into a home theater...Now there's an idea!!
I can taste the popcorn now!!!  Enough dreaming for one night.  I really should get to some real dreaming since I have to be at work in just a few hours!!!  Somebody's gotta make the dough for the "what" list!!  It's looking kinda pricey.  LOL


  1. Funny the things we remember that our in-laws say. They just tend to sticke with newlyweds. I do remember Gayfers. Love the second to last outdoor fireplace. My wish list too.

  2. My mom used to say..they can't take away our dreams. So dream away..we all have dream lists. Mine is that Yard Crashers would come and do my backyard!!

  3. I too would a fire place in our yard and a pergola with beautiful outdoor furniture and a nice outdoor kitchen. My other dream is to one day have an in the ground pool. I know they are alot of work but, I have always dreamed of a home with a pool. Now I guess we all need a tree that grows lots of money too!


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